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This photograph was taken in 1945 in Minsk after its liberation. At that time I worked in the Minsk executive committee.

But living in Minsk after the war was not possible for me. Walking along the streets of the city where my parents, my brother (and all my relatives) had been shot, was very hard. My mother’s sister, aunt Manya and her family, lived in Leningrad and survived the blockade.

So I arrived in Leningrad and entered the Stomatological School in 1945. And in 1946 I got married.

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Elena Drapkina's parents (Minsk 1920)
      Elena Drapkina, her husband Wolf, and her son Alexander (Leningrad 1949)
          Elena Drapkina
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            Elena Drapkina at her dentist's office (Leningrad 1973)
                Elena Drapkina'son (Leningrad 1949)
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                        Elena Drapkina’s friend
                            Alexander Drapkin (Moscow 1965)