Elena Drapkina

Born in 1924 in Minsk. Fled from the Minsk ghetto with a false passport and fought in the war as a partisan. After the war she worked as a doctor in different children’s polyclinics.

Elena Drapkina'son (Leningrad 1949)
      Elena Drapkina (Minsk, 1940)
          Elena Drapkina's parents (Minsk 1920)
              Elena Drapkina’s friend
                  Elena Drapkina at her dentist's office (Leningrad 1973)
                      Elena Drapkina (Minsk 1945)
                          Elena Drapkina among students (Leningrad 1948)
                              Alexander Drapkin (Moscow 1965)
                                  Elena Drapkina
                                  • with audio description
                                    Elena Drapkina, her husband Wolf, and her son Alexander (Leningrad 1949)
                                        Elena Drapkina's second husband (Leningrad 1960s)
                                            Elena Drapkina’s maternal grandmother