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This photograph was taken in Moscow in 1965, when my son Alexander (he is on the left in the photo) was a cadet of the Higher Naval Radio Electronics School. Later he left that school for the College of Communication and graduated from it. Then he worked as a businessman.

Now our sons have families, children, and I have got grandchildren. I lived with my second husband for 28 years. At the age of 70 he still worked. He died in 1988 from a stroke.

During my life with my second husband we always celebrated Pesach and remembered Yom Kippur. At home we had matzah, gefilte fish, and chicken. Of course we did not observe tradition strictly, but tried to celebrate holidays somehow.

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Elena Drapkina
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    Elena Drapkina (Minsk, 1940)
        Elena Drapkina’s friend
            Elena Drapkina at her dentist's office (Leningrad 1973)
                Elena Drapkina's second husband (Leningrad 1960s)
                    Elena Drapkina, her husband Wolf, and her son Alexander (Leningrad 1949)
                        Elena Drapkina (Minsk 1945)
                            Elena Drapkina’s maternal grandmother