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«Centropa» is a Jewish historical institute based in Vienna, Hamburg, Budapest, and Washington, DC. Between 2000 and 2009, we interviewed 1,200 elderly Jews in 15 European countries. But we were interested in much more than how their families perished during the Holocaust. Our teams digitized 22,000 of their old photographs and asked them to share with us their life stories—from their grandparents to their great-grandchildren.

This project looks at the 20th century through 10 of our interviews in Russia and Belarus.



IBB: Johannes Rau International Center For Education and Exchange is a German-Belarusian joint company, organized following the example of educational academies in Germany. Includes a conference center, hotel and restaurant. The Historical Workshop named after Leonid Levin is an educational and research center, where work is carried out on the themes of the Holocaust and World War II. By studying history for the sake of the future, it contributes to reconciliation between Germany and Belarus in accordance with the goals of the IBB, as it’s part.


Eva Jewish Charitable Organization was established in 1989 by a group of dedicated volunteers in order to provide Jews in need with social assistance as well as to preserve and promote Jewish culture.

Currently Eva’s welfare, community and educational projects engage over 2000 people of all generations. Elderly people are being cared of with warmness and kindness through homecare services; children and youth take part in various creative activities, family camps, workshops, volunteer campaigns, etc.

Eva has 15-years’ experience in Holocaust education for school children and students; small Holocaust museum, created by Shoah Survivors, is situated at Eva’s premises.

Jewish National and Cultural Autonomy

            The St. Petersburg public organization «Jewish National and Cultural Autonomy» was founded in 1998. Its mission is to preserve the national identity, develop the Jewish language, education, national culture, and form a culture of interethnic communication.

            «The Jewish National-Cultural Autonomy» in St. Petersburg strives to strengthen moral and spiritual principles through ethno-cultural values, instill respect for the family, for the experience of the older generation, and to form a civilized, tolerant environment and civic maturity

            We organize annual events in St. Petersburg, which are attended by up to 1,500 people. Most of the activities of the St. Petersburg Public Organization «Jewish National and Cultural Autonomy» are intended for teachers who form a child’s attitude to the world through knowledge. We collect a library of educational and methodological resources, conduct video courses, seminars and conferences for teachers. We annually organize for them:

– August conference for teachers of preschool and non-formal Jewish Education;

– Educational event on Jewish history and culture « Conference Bama »;

– Festival of Jewish culture «The Day of Jewish Learning»;

– Course «The basis for integration» for teachers of Jewish kindergartens


Edward Serotta

Director of Centropa

Fabian Rühle

Centropa Germany

Maximilian von Schoeler

Centropa Germany

Magdalana Farnesi

Centropa Germany

Ninja Stehr

Centropa Germany

Dr. Iryna Kashtalian

Johannes Rau International Center for Education and Exchange (IBB Minsk) Historical Workshop Leonid Levin

Sara-Jane Vigneault

Centropa Germany

Rut Korotaiev

Centropa Germany

Murad Guliyev

Centropa Germany

Masha Schwartz

Jewish National And Cultural Autonomy in St.

Tanya Lvova

Eva Jewish Charitable Organization

Alexander von Freeden


Andrey Lysou

Johannes Rau International Center for Education and Exchange (IBB Minsk) Historical Workshop Leonid Levin