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My husband Drapkin Wolf Yakovlevich was born in 1921 in Gorodok (now Belarus). At the age of 2 months his parents brought him to Leningrad, where he would finish school. His mother was a housewife and did not work; his father was director of a big shop in the Ligovsky Prospect. During the siege he stayed in Leningrad, and his family lived in evacuation.

In 1945 Drapkin Wolf arrived in Leningrad and entered the Military Academy of Radio Electronics. In 1946 we got acquainted in the house of my aunt, where my future husband came on business. We both finished the first courses and got married in summer, on August 9, 1946.

On June 27, 1949 my husband died suddenly. It happened on a tram. He told passengers that he felt bad and that was all.

More Photos from Elena Drapkina

Elena Drapkina's second husband (Leningrad 1960s)
      Elena Drapkina's parents (Minsk 1920)
          Elena Drapkina'son (Leningrad 1949)
              Elena Drapkina (Minsk 1945)
                  Elena Drapkina (Minsk, 1940)
                      Elena Drapkina among students (Leningrad 1948)
                          Elena Drapkina’s friend
                              Elena Drapkina at her dentist's office (Leningrad 1973)