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What does "Pamjat" mean?


Russian: память (also transliterated pamyat’) in Belarusian: памяць (transliterated pamiać)

meaning:  remembrance, memory, heritage

About Pamjat

Pamjat is Centropa’s education program on 20th century Jewish history in Belarus & Russia.

From 2002-2009 Centropa interviewed 117 elderly Jews In Russia and Belarus,  and asked them to share their family stories of the entire 20th century. Together with more than 1700 family photos, these personal memories give a unique insight into Jewish life.  

Together with our local partners,  IBB Minsk/ Historical Workshop “Leonid Levin”, “Jewish National and Cultural Autonomy” and “Eva -Jewish charitable organization”, we selected ten biographies that will be accompanied by teaching materials, and multimedia tools. Our goal is to connect educators and students to their country’s Jewish history, and to their neighbors. Currently we are creating  two short biographical films (15 min) about Jewish history in Belarus and Russia. In order to foster cultural exchange, we will invite 75 multipliers from both countries. Starting October 2020, we will also offer seminars and a lesson plan competition for educators from both countries. These best practice examples of teaching units will be uploaded in spring 2021.

Explore Jewish family stories from Belarus & Russia in the 20th century

Telling the stories that need to be told


Jewish life in Belarus

The exhibition enables visitors to explore the 20th century through the eyes of 10 Jewish Holocaust survivors that were interviewed by our organizations. Old family pictures and accompanying biography excerpts offer unique insights into how history has impacted the lives of our interviewees.
What is happening at the Pamjat Project?