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This is a picture of students of the 10th grade at the school in Gomel where my sister Broha and my brother Misha studied. They are in their physics classroom. Broha is on the very right. Misha took the photo. During the war, almost all the students in this picture perished.

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Efim Pisarenko and his Friend
      Efim Pisarenko’s Father, Ekusiel Pisarenko
          Efim Pisarenko’s older sister, Broha Shapiro, and her school friends
              Efim Pisarenko with his second wife, Inna Pisarenko, and their son, Ruvim Pisarenko
                  Efim Pisarenko’s Family
                      Efim Pisarenko’s sister, Lisa Muravina, with her future husband, Aron Muravin
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                        Efim Pisarenko (1972)
                            Efim Pisarenko, his Brother, Misha Pisarenko, and their Neighbours