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The photo of my father was taken in Chernovtsy in 1948. My father’s name was Ekusiel Pisarenko. They called him Kusha in the family. He was born in the village of Rechitsa, Gomel region, Belarus, in 1898.

My parents got married in 1917. My father joined a red revolutionary unit during the Civil War almost immediately after he got married. He returned in 1919 and got a job as a plumber, and later as a locksmith at the Gomel Plant of Agricultural Equipment. He died in 1957.

More Photos from Efim Pisarenko

Efim Pisarenko, his Brother, Misha Pisarenko, and their Neighbours
      Efim Pisarenko’s sister, Broha Shapiro, and her fellow students
          Efim Pisarenko’s Family
              Efim Pisarenko (1995)
                  Efim Pisarenko with his second wife, Inna Pisarenko, and their son, Ruvim Pisarenko
                      Efim Pisarenko (1972)
                          Efim Pisarenko’s Mother, Basia Pisarenko
                              Efim Pisarenko’s sister, Lisa Muravina, with her future husband, Aron Muravin
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