Winners of the Youth competition

1st priceWiktor Jonak

“The cemetery in Pakosz district in Kielce was founded in 1868. There are about 330 tombstones. This special place is inseparably associated with the history of the city and the Kielce Jews, which is why it is the subject of my photograph. Numerous matzevot, monuments and plaques commemorate the tragic history of the Jewish community of the city, which we cannot forget.”

2nd priceMaria Shurim

“The owner of the house with mezuzah in Minsk was Zeita Veniaminovna Urevich, a Jewish woman, mother of the distillery owner in the area of the modern synagogue on Dauman Street on Perespa.
An interesting fact: in 2001, documents from the Jewish organization Ha-Shomer Ha-Tzair, which was banned in the USSR, were found here.
Now the house, like practically all other houses, is used as separate premises (e.g. as a flower shop).
It is important and valuable that Jewish history is preserved in the architecture of the city.”

3rd priceZuzanna Głuchowska

“Gravestones of Memory”
Kazimierzowska Street in Kalisz.
During the Second World War, the whole street was laid out with tentacles by the Nazis. The broken gravestones have only recently returned to their place – to the cemetery. But traces of the humiliation of the Jewish people still exist today.