Yuda Perlstein

About this Photograph

This is my elder brother Yuda Perlstein (first from right); he is in the Tsar’s Army together with two of his friends, whose names I don’t know. The photo was taken in Petrograd in 1916.

I had five brothers and two sisters: Lev, Yuda, Aron, Iosif, Grigory, Rasya and Sofia. They were all born in Yanovichi borough in Vitebsk region.

My second brother Yuda left home right after my elder brother. He lived and worked in Lugansk, then in Kharkov in the Hunters and Fishermen Union as a chief accountant. He had two sons, Yonya and Lyova. Yuda died in Kharkov in 1950.

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About this Photograph

Year when photo was taken: 1916
Photo was taken in: Petrograd
Country name at time of photo: Russia
Country name today: Russia

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