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After the war I decided to remain in the army. I joined the Moscow military command. In 1947 I was sent to the Kharkov artillery radar academy. That’s me as a student, the picture was taken in one of the auditoria of the academy in 1948.

The first graduation class of our faculty was in 1952. There were very few radar experts, and many students of our course were offered high positions: half of the people of the course were conferred the rank of a general.

When the mandatory job assignment process was over, the 13 Jews in the course were not given a job. The year of 1952 was hard and tough. We stayed jobless for a month.

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Gershen Bogdanov
      Yuri Bogdanov with his grandson, Ilia
          Yuri Bogdanov
              Yuri Bogdanov
                  Yuri Bogdanov
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