Georgij Birger

Born in Minsk on July 22, 1934, into a Jewish-Polish-Lithuanian family.

He went on to graduate from the Construction College and the Polytechnic Institute. He worked in construction companies in various positions ranging from engineer to head of the trust.

Georgi Birger’s father
      The Interviewee, Georgi Birger
          Georgi Birger’s grandmother
              Georgi Birger’s father on the athletics track
                  Georgij Birger with friends (?)
                      Georgij Birger and his pigeons
                          Georgi Birger’s mother
                              Georgi Birger’s parents
                                  Georgi Birger’s father
                                      Georgi Birger’s family
                                          Georgi Birger with his father
                                              The Respondent (Georgi Birger) at Work
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