Youth competition 2022

Deadline: 27 March 2022

Eligible countries: Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany

Where to submit your own photo:

Please write us: your name, school and age  as well as contact details

Centropa, Galicia Jewish Museum Krakow, and IBB Minsk/ Leonid Levin History Workshop announce their new Youth Photo Competition on “‘Local Jewish Heritage”.

Traces of Jewish Life past and present are everywhere, you just have to look for them. A picture says more than 1000 words and stories are universal, storytelling connects us all. Tell us the story of your region’s Jewish heritage with a photo. 

Participants are asked to take their own photos of traces of Jewish life and culture in their region, and share their best photo with us via email. 

We also encourage participants to promote their photographs on social media with the aim of raising awareness about sites of Jewish heritage. 
This competition is open to anyone in Belarus & Russia: class 9-11, Poland & Germany: 14-18 years.

Example photos for inspiration:

© Christian Herrmann CC BY-SA 4.0
Youth competition 2022
© Christian Herrmann CC BY-SA 4.0


  • You have to take the photo yourself
  • Depict a place of Jewish heritage in your photos, which you find interesting and important. It can be either a place of current Jewish life or a place that shows traces of Jewish heritage.
  • Write up to 50 words on why you chose this motive, and very shortly what’s the story behind the photo and location. 
  • Be sure to choose high resolution photos, at least 1084 x 824. 


  • Do not copy someone else’s work.
  • Do not use sources and state facts which are dubious and unreliable about the information on your place of Jewish heritage. If you are not sure about the source’s credibility, send us an email.

The winners will be announced at the beginning of April, will receive a surprise  gift from the Historical Workshop and invited to present their project at our international online workshop for Belarusian, Polish, Russian, German and  participants in late April 2022.  The award ceremony for the competition winners will take place online via zoom.

The deadline for entries is 27 March 2022. The best three photos will later be publicly presented on our websites.

For inspiration, please see the ‘Photographing Europe’s Crumbling Jewish Heritage’ project by  Matyas Kiraly on Instagram: abandoned_jewish_memories, as well as the ‘Vanished World’ blog by Christian Hermann: .

We look forward to receiving your entries!