Online Seminar: Connecting generations through multimedia tools and 20th century Jewish family stories

Centropa in partnership with
Johannes Rau International Education Center in Minsk,
The St. Petersburg Jewish National Cultural Autonomy non-governmental organization,
St.Petersburg Jewish Charitable NGO “Eva”


Teachers, teachers of formal and informal education
representatives of NGOs from Russia, Belarus and Germany
For the international seminar

Dialogue of Generations: Stories of 20th century Jewish families in a multimedia format.

The seminar will give the participants an opportunity to build cross-cultural communication and create a space for exchanging experience, knowledge, and creative approaches.

Seminar objectives: to acquaint participants with the Jewish history of Belarus and Russia and initiate cultural exchange on the basis of the new Centropa site with unique testimonies of the 20th century history

The seminar program includes lectures and presentations on the culture of remembrance and the history of Jews in the USSR; introducing projects and memorial sites in St. Petersburg related to the Holocaust; methodological materials and lesson plans, working groups on using the site resources for classroom work; and experience in talking to teenagers about tragic moments in history.

For more information, please see the program here.

Workshop dates: April 2021
Core program: April 8 5:00pm-19:00pm, April 11 12:00pm-14:00pm, April 17 5:00pm-19:00pm, April 18 12:00pm-14:00pm
Additional program: April 15 19:00-20:30, April 18 15:00-16:00

All participants of the main program will receive certificates of the international seminar.

Participation in this seminar (minimum 3 days of the main program) gives the right to qualify for further Centropa face-to-face seminars in Vienna and other European cities.

To participate you need to register by following the link