Matilda Sobolevskaya with her husband Vasiliy Sobolevskiy

About this Photograph

This is my mother’s sister Matilda with her husband Vasiliy Sobolevskiy. The picture was taken shortly after they got married in Moscow in the 1910s. I don’t know whether my mother or her sisters had Jewish names. They might have had Jewish names, but they weren’t used in the family. My grandparents were religious. Jewish traditions were kept in the family. Sabbath and Jewish holidays were celebrated. While the children were small, they took part in the religious life of the family, and when they grew up they became atheists. Of course, all of them went to their parents’ place for Jewish holidays, but they just merely paid a tribute to the tradition. In spite of the fact that my grandfather was a common worker, he wanted his children to get a good education. All of them went to a Russian lyceum, as there were no Jewish lyceums at that time. The daughters didn’t go on with higher education after finishing the lyceum as they acquired such comprehensive and deep knowledge in the lyceum that it was enough to work in pretty serious positions. Matilda was married to a Russian man, Vasiliy Sobolevskiy. She worked in the Ministry of Foreign Trade. She processed the forms for equipment purchase overseas. Matilda had a son who was my age. I don’t remember his name. Matilda died in Moscow in the 1960s.

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About this Photograph

Year when photo was taken: 1910s
Photo was taken in: Moscow
Country name at time of photo: Russia
Country name today: Russia

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