Mark Epstein

About this Photograph

This photograph taken in 2004 shows me during my work at the Leningrad Technical School for Radio Engineers.

In September 1962 I changed my work for the Leningrad Technical School for Radio Engineers. Here you can see a lot of diplomas for my work there.

I worked there about 44 years (till September 1, 2006).

In 1968 my Mom died. It was rather difficult to change our apartment for another one. But we managed and many years lived together with my wife’s parents.

Later her parents died, and we remained together with my wife in that apartment.

During my work in the technical school I never came across manifestations of anti-Semitism. All my colleagues were nice to me.

And during my work at the Palace of Pioneers the Head of our department regarded me with disfavor. I guess she was an anti-Semite.

I was a member of the CPSU since 1943. I joined the party at the front.

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About this Photograph

Year when photo was taken: 2004
Photo was taken in: St. Petersburg
Country name at time of photo: Russia
Country name today: Russia

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