Margarita Lipovskaya and relatives

About this Photograph

This photo was taken by my son-in-law Vladimir Raikhelson in the summer of 1974, at our country house in Strelna. Sitting on the bench are: myself, my granddaughter Nadezhda Lipovskaya, my first husband Serafim Lipovsky. Standing is my daughter Margarita Lipovskaya.

It was a warm summer day in July; my husband and I stayed with our granddaughter at our country house for the whole summer. On the weekend, my daughter came to visit us with her husband.

My husband, Serafim Ivanovich Bogoyavlenski, died of cancer in 1976 in Leningrad. Our daughter Margarita Serafimovna Lipovskaya worked as an engineer at the Leningrad “LNPO – electro-automatic” enterprise. She is married to Raikhelson Vladimir Markovich, born in 1938. In 1970 Nadezhda Lipovskaya, their daughter, was born. At present my daughter Margarita and her husband are on a pension. She is disabled, and accepts assistance of the St. Petersburg Jewish community with gratitude.

My granddaughter Nadezhda Lipovskaya has graduated from a higher educational institution and acquired the profession of a psychologist. She runs special programs for children and families, including Jewish ones in the “Adain Lo” Jewish Family Center, in the synagogue. She is married to Lev Epstein, a Jew. They have a son, Ilya, born in 1992. Lev is a jeweller, he teaches at the School of Jeweller’s Art in St. Petersburg. Their son Ilya is a pupil of the 6th grade.

My son Alexander Zlatkin, born in 1949 in my second wedlock with Mikhail Zlatkin is married to a Russian woman called Natalya. They have two daughters: the elder one, born in 1976 is named Natalya too, and the younger one, born in 1987 is called Maria. Natalya graduated from the St. Petersburg Shipbuilding Institute. There she got acquainted with her future husband Sergei, who is Russian. They have a son called Artem, born in 2001. Maria studies at school; her dream is to become an artist. My son Alexander has a number of jobs: shipping agent, guard, PT teacher at the summer children’s camp. His wife Natalya works as a bookkeeper at an enterprise, I do not know exactly what kind of enterprise.

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About this Photograph

Year when photo was taken: 1974
Photo was taken in: Strelna
Country name at time of photo: USSR
Country name today: Russia

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