Raisa Shulakovskaya

Born in Slutsk in 1912. She survived World War II in Leningrad and Sverdlovsk with her daughter. Worked at the Main Geophysical Observatory and at the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Meteorology until she was fired like many Jews in 1950 in the so called “Campaign against cosmopolitans” by the Communist Party.

Nina Gertzevna with her Grandfather Abram Kulakovsky
      Esther Shulyakovskaya and Gertz Shulyakovsky
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        Raisa Shulyakovskaya with her Husband Fyodor Shevyolkin
            Raisa Shulyakovskaya with her daughter Alvina Shevyolkina
                Gertz Shulyakovsky
                    Esther Shulyakovskaya, Nina Shulyakovskaya and her daughter Nelly
                        Yefim Shulyakovsky
                            Esther Shulyakovskaya
                                Raisa Shulyakovskaya
                                    Raisa Shulyakovskaya with her Siblings