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In 1948 I finished my studies. For 11 months I stayed at home with my child, and then went to work in a children’s polyclinic. During my life they moved me from one polyclinic to another, but I never left my service and worked 35 years until I was 60 years old. In 1985 I retired. This photograph was taken in 1973 when I worked as a dentist.

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Elena Drapkina (Minsk, 1940)
      Elena Drapkina
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        Elena Drapkina'son (Leningrad 1949)
            Elena Drapkina’s friend
                Elena Drapkina's second husband (Leningrad 1960s)
                    Alexander Drapkin (Moscow 1965)
                        Elena Drapkina (Minsk 1945)
                            Elena Drapkina's parents (Minsk 1920)