Berta Zelbert

Born in Smilovichi in 1922. During the war she was a radio operator for the Red Army. In Moscow Test titleJust a test description. she worked as a chief metallurgist and in the All-Union Institute of Bearing Industry as laboratory chief until 1987.

Family at Dacha (1951)
    Moses Zelbert in World War I (1914)
      On Duty in the War (1943)
      • with audio description
        Evgeniy Gorelik and Olga Gorelik (1960)
            Congress of Military Writers and Poets (1945)
              Tsilia Zelbert and Berta Zelbert (1924)
                Grandparents (1900)
                    Moses Zelbert (1902)
                      My husband Simeon Gorelik (1960)
                        Student’s Card (1940)
                              Board of Honor (2004)
                                Mina Shulman and Tsilia Shulman (1916)
                                  Tsilia and Moses Zelbert (1926)
                                      Moses Zelbert (1910)